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Is there any way to create a "fill pattern" of a sketch? What I am trying to do is draw/model a panel that has two areas that have diamond punched holes. There are about 800 holes in the part. I can "fill pattern" the cut hole, but it takes quite a bit of time for the computer to process this. I was thinking that if I can pattern just the sketch, then that would be faster. I could then select 12 or so diamond shapes and extrude them to give an idea of the pattern in higher up assemblies. Any other ideas on how to approach this? Thanks, Brian

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Brian Putnam
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If "fill pattern" funtions the same as either "linear pattern" or "circular pattern", clicking the checkbox for "geometry pattern" should help tons with processing time.

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Sketch patterns are slower than feature patterns. Not a big deal on a small pattern, but with 800 holes it would probably be pretty significant.

I would use two different patterns in two configurations. A simple one for use in assemblies and the full meal deal for the drawing or where you really need it..

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Jerry Steiger

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