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I've used the hole wizard quite a bit, but never on a cylinder. I'm trying to put a hole in the outside of the cylinder for a set screw. It won't let me do this because it can't constrain the point. Any tips?

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Levi Mitchell
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A HW hole on the round part of a cylinder will be using a 3d Sketch to position the hole, not a 2D sketch. Your location point will already be coincident to the cylindrical face. If yo utry to make a coincident relation to something inside the cylinder, it will then be overconstrained. Usually, I draw a contruction line from the hole point to the item I want to relate to inside, then constrain that as required. YOu may seen to study

3d Sketches a little to get used to working with them.
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Dale Dunn

I've been working on something similar. I needed to put a bunch of countersunk holes in an undulating, non-planar surface. The 'Help' file has a picture showing holes around a dome, but doesn't say how to locate them. I tried projecting a grid of straight lines onto the curved surface to mark the locations of the holes, but ran into over-constraining problems. I ended up building a grid of reference planes to mark the location of the holes and constrained the hole wizard to the planes. Eg; select the face you want the hole on; select the wizard; the yellow preview hole will appear constrained to the face but not where you want it; constrain the hole to the appropriate planes and you're done. The hole will be normal to the surface regardless of undulations.

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