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Is there some known reason that you can't use the move/copy/rotate tools on sketch entities inside a HW sketch? You can't even Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V to speed things up.


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Wayne Tiffany
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I can seem to Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V in both the 2D and 3D sketches of HW (SW2006, sp5.0), as well as all other sketches.

But I do know that move/copy/rotate tools are "greyed out" when in 3D sketch mode in general.

Is not the reason that they (move/copy/rotate tools) are only 2D functions? They seem to have only Delta X & Delta Y, i.e. no Delta Z, so... thus 2D only.

The Property Manager for 3D Sketches can manipulate the properties in 3D of course, so I would speculate that is how SW wishes us to edit/interact with them, instead of using the typical move/copy/rotate tools.

My best guess,


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Aron (bacsdesign.com)

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