How to put company's logo or some letters on the surface of the part?

to demonstrate our product, we hope to put some logos onto the surface of the part, is that possible? I am not very familiar with solidworks. Thanks!


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A. if you have the logo a picture file you can trace it with a R2V program into a readable file to solidworks, or you can insert the picture file using the Sketch picture command and trace it manually with sketch entities.

B. After this stage there are two options:

  1. the faces you want to put the logo on are cylindrical or flat (simple scenario): in this case use the wrap feature (just make sure you're sketch don't contain any open contours - only closed contours are allowed).

  1. the faces you want to put the logo on are more organic then option 2 (complex scenario): in this case you need to offset the faces on which you will emboss or deboss the logo. afterwards you need to project on both the original faces and the offset faces the logo sketch (again only closed contours are allowed). afterwards delete unnecessary faces and loft or extrude the matching pairs of naked edges (it is possible you will have to convert them to 3Dsketches or composite curves). Walla, you are done!

I hope this will help,



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Gil Alsberg

I just did this on a couple of plastic parts that I did. I used the 'Decal' option with Photoworks and worked great! I created a mask for our company logo too. It's looks as if it were printed right onto my parts.

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Richard Charney

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