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2 questions:
Every time I open a new part I have to reset the image quality (tools >
performance) to maximum. Is there any way to set this so that it when I
open a part/assembly this is set to maximum each time? I did set this
when creating the template but that didn't work.
Also when I set this to maximum on small parts I still see a jagged
edge. Could this be due to the graphics card?
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I don't have this problem. You have to set your image quality in each template (part, assembly , drawing) and then save them. It also might be possible that your system is not looking in the right place for your template files. (Check Tools/Options/System Options/File Locations.) Or your template files may have been overwritten during an upgrade or reinstall.
I doubt it. I think it is just the way the system works. As far as I know, we all see this.
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First, I have to ask the obvious question, did you save the template with the setting, and are you using that template for all of these parts? Just make a new blank part and check the setting to see if this is ok.
Second, are you sure you're saving the part after the setting is changed?
That said, there is a setting in the assembly that could be changing the settings in all of your parts. If you go to the Image Quality area in the assembly, there is a setting for "Apply to all referenced part documents", which will actually change the setting in the parts after viewing in the assembly. This could be good or bad. If you crank it up, it will set all your parts to high quality.
The only other thing you can do about the "jagged lines" is to turn on the anti-aliasing, at Tools, Options, System Options, Display/Selection, Anti-alias edges/sketches, although it doesn't have much effect unless you are working with edges shown. Or turn down the contrast on your monitor a bit. Or start drinking at noon, that always takes the edge off. Or you could consider only designing rectangular parts and looking at them from orthogonal views.;o)
If you have features which are "very small" compared to the rest of your part, they can sometimes degrade the display quality of everything else. You might try suppressing tiny features when you don't really need them.
good luck
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ok, so I'm a bit slow. I guess I just didn't read it properly.
There is no "tools, performance". There is a tools, options, performance, but it doesn't control image quality. The only display related things there are transparency and level of detail, which turns small items into blocks when you rotate. I guess I have to ask what you're talking about?
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AA is under tools -> options -> system options tab -> anti-alias is the fourth checkbox down of bottom section.
if you want edge quality - go to tools -> options -> DOCUMENT properties tab -> image quality. There is also a link to this at the bottom of the performance tab.
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