Import .step file as a Solid

Recieved a bunch of .stp files for components I need in an assembly. I opened the files to convert them, then saved them as .sldprt files. I used them in my assembly, and now I want to create some drawings

When I cut a section thru one of the imported parts, it doesn't show up in the section view. Looking back at the part file, in the feature tree it only show a surface, not a solidbody.

How do I covert this surface model to a solid, so that I can manipulate it, and section it in a drawing?

I've received other .stp files and when I open them they come as solidbodies. Why would this be any different?


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Use the 'import diagnostics' tool (right click on the imported surface in the tree) and that should run through a couple of sequences that can fix any holes and make a solid. If there are big gaps, or faulty faces you may need to fix these yourself. Use surface>fill to plug any holes, and then knit and thicken to solid. I find that right-clicking on an edge, then selecting 'select open loop' is best for selecting the edges of holes since there may be some realy small ones that you cant see but will cause the surface fill to fail.

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The best solution is FormatWorks, the only gold product for translation, repair and healing.

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