Imported solid - the infernal triangle

Does anyone know how to smooth an imported solid?
I have a solid that was imported as an STL file with lo..o..o..o..o..ts of
triangles - Is there a way to either smooth it out or cloak it with a
surface so it is much smoother than currently. Imagine taking a 3D faceted
diamond and removing all the straight lines - but I have way too many to do
that manually
I can't source another smoother file.
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Can't do that,, sorry, at least with 2006 and earlier.
You need a program like 3DS Max or Blender to smooth a polymesh, if all you looking for is a pretty picture.
If your planning on using this model as the basis for a real world design, fugettabatit. Polymesh models are very coarse approximations, and contain no mathematically defined surfaces or boundaries.
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copycad from delcam can do that, using the refine triangle feature.
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Ouch $$$$$$$$$$, but that's for smoothing a shape for machining
For what it's worth, Ironcad ver 3 would do it as well. You could actually have curved triangles on the surfaces.
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