Intel Intros WiMax Chipset

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Intel Intros WiMax Chipset
By Iain Thomson
04/20/05 10:44 AM PT
Typical deployment speeds will be between 1 and 10 Mbps,
explained Jonathon Pagget chief operating officer of wireless
equipment manufacturer Airspan. But he added that spectrum
allocation was critical to the WiMax market.
Spectrum Availability
The availability of the right kind of spectrum could have serious
implications for the roll out of services. Richardson said that
governments were allocating large chunks of spectrum, but at
relatively high frequencies, mainly 2.5 and 3.5 GHz.
This would mean the signal would have difficulty penetrating
buildings and would lose strength more quickly. Worldwide the
most common spectrum allocated will be between 3.4-6 GHz,
but in the United States Richardson said there were moves afoot
to allocate the 700 MHz spectrum to WiMax.
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What Is WiMAX?
Next-Generation Wireless Network Will Be Faster, Broader
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