Launching SW Viewer From Command Line

Hi Folks,

I know there are some command line switches for running SW (/m for invoking a macro) but here is what I need to do. Since the SW Viewer has no type library for VBA (maybe I am wrong) instantiating the viewer form Excel is a little different than starting SW. My guess that one way to do it is to use a command line in shell command. I want to launch a file of a known name into SW Viewer. If I use this line in Excel VBA => Shell "C:\Program Files\SolidWorksViewer\swviewer.exe", vbNormalFocus i get a SW viewer icon on task bar but it won't open?

What I need to get is Excel to launch SW Viewer with a file handed in from VBA. Ideas?


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Guy Edkins
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Got it!!!!

Lots of correctly placed quotes does the trick using the Shell command.

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Guy Edkins

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