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I am in the market for a LCD monitor to add to my Dell Precision M70. It has the WUXGA (1920x1200) display and 2GB ram. I work with 50-60MB assemblies in SW06 generally in shaded mode but sometimes in wireframe.

Wants include...

20" wide screen VGA hookups low "ghosting" and finally, a price around $400

Can live without... physical adjustments usb ports

I have narrowed my search to three... Dell UltraSharp 2007FPW ViewSonic VX2025WM Non-wide screen Samsung SyncMaster 204B

Does anyone have any experience with these monitors or are there any that i have overlooked in this price range?

Thanks Rob

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I know that what you need to look at to reduce/eliminate "ghosting" is the response rate. Typically people who play first person shooter games (Halo, Unreal, Half Life, etc...) cannot stand any ghosting. The big time gamers look for monitors that have at most a 8 ms response time.

I have seen some 19 in wide screen monitors for around $170, so I am sure that you can get something in a 20 in for around $400.

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I just was looking at Tom's Hardware, and noticed that they have an article about 20 in widescreen monitors.

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