Math operations with new table BOM

You'll probably have to use the Excel BOM that's still available in 2004 after lots of complaints during Beta.
From the menus: Insert>Tables>Excel based bill of materials...
Dave H
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Dave H
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This question is regarding the new table based BOM's in SolidWorks 2004. I
feel like I'm missing some very basic functionality that I can't believe is
not there. All I want to do is in the table BOM on each row take the
quantity of parts times the weight of the part. I would then create another
column for example called total weight (for that row) and put that value in.
I then at the bottom want to sum up the total weight of the assembly.
I understand of course how to do that with the old excel based BOM method.
I also understand that I can go into the mass properties of the assembly and
check the total weight. I thought that simple math operations would be
included in the new table method
Thanks Much
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