New BOM in 2004

It looks nice, but isn't there way to hide quantity and partno columns? It's totally useless and I just have to use *xcel-based BOM if this is true. Or is there workaround for it?

Somebody may ask why I need this kind of functionality..well, because in many cases I have to use BOM for part drawings as well and if I have A4-portrait, you just don't have that much space for BOM and of course quantity/partno-columns aren't very useful for single part.



ps. new way of mating is nice, but the huge "toolbar" is slow (much more clicks)

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Markku Lehtola
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The QTY column can not be deleted. However, move it to the first column, edit "QTY" and replace it with a space, then set column font size to 1, and minimize the column width.


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Tom Chasteen

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