Model reorientation. (using SW2004)

Is it possible to reorient a model with respect to the three planes
after it has been created? For example, I need to rotate the entire
model along a single axis passing through the origin such that it is
7.64 Degrees with respect to the horizon. The origin is not the
physical center of the model, but it is the point through which an axis
can pass such that the model can be rotated.
If my verbage confuses you then imagine something simple like a
rectangular box that one is looking at its face. The top/bottom,
front/back, and right/left are square with the planes. I wish to
rotate it in such a way that the top/bottom, and left/right are no
longer squared with respect to the planes, but the front/back are.
(i.e. rotate the box 7.64 degrees.)
Now that the model is finished, I see the necessity (why isn't
important) of its needing to be done. Is there a simple method to
do this without having to reconstruct the whole thing all over again
at a differing orientation?
Your constructive comments are appreciated.
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Zagrad Ortjadi
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No, you can't directly (unless you redo it) but indirectly you can.. You can use a assembly (it's still a part) as your sub reoriented part. That is, apply your desire XYZ (setup a sketch or whatever) and use it to apply the desired coordinate system and/or planes, then open an assembly and insert your part via the new coordinate system or planes?
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Paul Salvador
You can only do it "IF" the part isn't tied to any of the default planes or origins. By default, most parts are. It's possible to break all of these, but may be more work than starting over. It's a good idea if you can forsee the possibility of needing this type of flexibility. Then you can design the part with this built in. This is one of the caveats of parametric modelers, it's also one of the strengths. You just need to think ahead.
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There is a function called "Move/Copy" which will do what you are looking for. Insert, Features, Move/Copy will allow you to rotate the part about a selected axis through a certain angle. First create the axis you want to rotate the part around using the Axis wizard, then use the function.
It will not rotate your sketches or other reference geometry, but the finished part will be at an angle to the default planes.
Zagrad Ortjadi wrote in news:IPged.9125 $6P5.4335@okepread02:
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Why not put the part into a assembly and then position the part in the assembly how you want it and rotate the assembly?
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Yeah, that's right, forgot about that.. probably a better way and he can add a new coordinate system and planes for the new orientation?
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Paul Salvador
Dear Sir:
I tried to Email you directly to express my gratitude for your assistance. The Email bounced. Therefore I wish to say, "Thank You!"
Your suggestion was exactly what I needed to know.
Sincerely, Z.O.
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Zagrad Ortjadi
Was the simplest answer maybe not mentioned? If the part is mostly as simple as the "box" example, then why not create a new plane at the desired angle and then edit the sketch plane and put the base sketch on the new plane?
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Wayne Tiffany

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