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we are currently running SW2003 and working from a Project Server and getting very bored with the 5-10 mins save and load times achieved through our 100Mbit switched network. Anyone got ag good peformance suggestion

Does a gigabit connection improve anything? Does antivirus bog things down? cheers nigel

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Bates, Nigel
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We had similar speed improvements when setting our AV to ignore SWX files. I think the server AV can also impact performance.

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Antivirus definitely boggs it down. I have mine set to ignore all SW files and ACAD files. For now they are non malitius anyway. I did a test a while ago and if I recall it was a 20-30% increase in speed. I don't know about a gig connection I have heard the switch over is quite extensive but I am not sure about that. I think you would still be held back if your server has a slower hard-drive.


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Corey Scheich

bob z. has seen a seat-of-the-pants improvement of about 50% decrease in load/save times when going to a gigbit ethernet. the difference was not 'scientifically' documented, so this number is pure speculation, but more importantly, the cost for going gigabit is WELL worth it. we don't work off of the server here, we just move files back and forth a lot.

-- bob z.

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bob zee

I have had customers switch to a gig switch and it didn't improve their proformance. If it did anything, it was minimal. The best practice is to work locally. If you can't you should look into a PDM software of some type.

Regards, Scott

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A gig switch with gig NIC's worked wonders for us (even over our crappy Novell network). I would never go back. Agreed local is slightly faster but I have 10+ users who need access to

5,000+ part libraries. Maintaining that on 10 local pc's (plus other issues)wouldn't work for us. The only "burp" we've really seen is in using the Feature palette (which I dislike anyway).

Just my $.02.


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Jeff Kuchta


If you have some spare time, you might try adding or deleting some network protocols. I've seen a little improvement by adding ipx/spx especially browsing. WinXP (and 2000) loads only TCP/IP by default. However, you can't beat local storage speedwise.


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Gary Wolfe

We do not have a PDM system for SW, not have I worked with one.

If we did , would that allow us to work locally on models, from our hard disks?

how does this work?

Does it really work, or is it sales gimmick?

What such systems are recommended?

Dont think we've got any chance of getting cash for such a system, but if it can be justified by increasing the time it takes to load models then they may listen to that.


Graeme Robinson


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