New Hot Key!

Just thought I'd share... can't believe I haven't done this sooner.

P - Projected View in drawings.

Also, if guys at SW still read here, why can't I set up a hot key for opening a selected part in an assembly? I want to be able to select the face of a part and hit a hot key to have it open. I guess I'll have to write a macro for now.

As a side note, we just installed 2008 on all of our boxes here, which is why I'm taking another look at my customization and hot keys. I have to say, so far, this was the smoothest transition (for what we do) from a stability standpoint that I think I have ever seen. We've all been using it for over a week and I haven't heard of any major issues. The only minor issues was some graphics issues as far as refreshes, but we had obselete nvidia drivers. Once we updated, it was fine.

Now on to the sensitive updated UI topic. I must admit, after my own frustrations in beta, I'm actually beginning to really like the new interface changes. My only complaint is that you can't customize the right/click and context sesitive menus. That we way we would know where to look for stuff and there wouldn't be such a large learning curve. I can only hope that they will pursue this ability for the next release.

signed, so far so good...... Don

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Good job! It's important to look at how you use the software tool and customize it to fit your methods. I already have my "P" key set to "Properties" in order to quickly open the properties box for notes, drawing views, etc.


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Wayne Tiffany

This is the workaround I take to open a part in an assembly. Select the part with Right Mouse Button and then hit "O" on your keyboard...part opens. You also have other options. If you want to hide a part in an assembly. Select the part with Right Mouse Button and then hit "H" on your keyboard...part Hides. You'll get same results if the selection is done in the Feature Manager Tree.

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