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newbie question:

I am working through a part, then going back to edit a sketch -- when I go into the edit sketch mode, for some reason, SW doesn't seem to want to allow me to actually adjust the sketch. I can only seem to select the actual object that was derived from the sketch previously.

I have tried to roll back & supress the tree, but to no avail.


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Well, I don't mean to sound like a snob, but first I think you need to explain a little better if you want us to bother.

BUT since you're a newbie I'll give it a try. I SUSPECT from some of what you've said that PERHAPS the sketch you're dealing with is EITHER truly a "derived sketch" by the true definition (see the Help) OR you've Converted (look up Convert in Help) sketch elements from another sketch to create parts of the sketch that you can't seem to modify.

If the former is correct then, yes, the 2nd sketch is dependent on the first. Change the first, you can change the 2nd, but NOT the other way around. BUT you can break the relationship if you Exit the sketch, right click on it in the Feature Tree and choose Underive.

If the latter is correct, then hit the Display/Delete Relations icon (or go to Tools > Relations > Display/Delete) and you'll see that the relations that exist are "On Edge". You'll have to delete those relations in order to be able to change the sketch entities.

Hope that helps.


Septemous wrote:

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It did thank you, and I'll try to explain myself better in the future!

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Another thing that drives me nuts is when I accidentally start a new sketch. Nothing seems to work at all until I realize what's really going on. This has become easier for me to detect since reactivating the confirmation corner.

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