OT: System Application Resources Exceeded?

Ok I tried to open a second session of SolidWorks and I got this message.

"SolidWorks cannot startup because the system desktop application resources have been exceeded."

Task Manager says that I have 557MB Paged the limit says it is double that. Is it possible to up something so that I will not get this in the future.

SW2003 SP 4.1 and SW2004 SP 0.0 on windows XP.

Programs I have opened

MS Outlook MS Outlook Express Solidworks with VBA, API Help and Sldworks Help Fabriwin (CAD/CAM) AutoCAD Internet Explorer (3) windows Terminal Server (for access to our MRP system) and some anti-virus utility

It is alot but it shouldn't be too much. Not for XP or any semi current CPU

Because I know someone will ask. The reason I want to run a second session of SW is because I had opened SW2004 earlier to check something out and now when I opened Fabriwin to update a part that I had changed. It doesn't think that SW is opened.

Remedy without closing the whole SW session:

Start a new session open updated part and transfer to Fabriwin.

Thanks Corey

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Corey Scheich
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