Question about configuration specific properties

If I am using config. specific properties I have noticed the following
create a simple part and add a configuration so that you have the names 1
and 2
go to for config 1 add a property "material spec" and
another "bom"
for the value enter aluminum for material spec and $PRP:"material spec" for
the value of bom
Now go to config 2 and enter exactly the same custom property names and
enter "steel" for the value of material spec and $PRP:"material spec" for
the value of bom
If you now look at the evaluated value for the property "bom" you will see
that one or the other is taking the value from the other configuration and
not from the value for the config that the expression is in.
Any ides about whats going on? my expectation would be that the expression
whould take the value from the config it is in but that is not happening.
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Steve Reinisch
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Are you using an Excel based BOM? If so, you can't have any spaces in the custom property name. If a SolidWorks based BOM, then you can. Would that make a difference?
Also, are you entering the values on the Configuration Specific tab? That will also make a difference.
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Bruce Bretschneider

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