Re: Dimensioning holes located on curved surfaces

Can you dimension to the temp axis?
Anyone know the trick to dimensioning a hole located on a curved surface
> in a SolidWorks drawing? The machinists don't care too much for
> incomplete drawings and I can't find any info in the help files. TIA >
> Jon
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Wayne Tiffany
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That doesn't help with the hole diameter and depth unfortunately.
Wayne Tiffany wrote:
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Jon, Don't you just hate those pesky machinists.....
Maybe a section view thru the hole that would allow you to show the angle of the dangle, plus a couple of reference dims to features that he can measure from.
Or are you looking for a way to measure along the curve?
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Doug Dorton
Insert a tooling ball and dimension from the ball Insert a plane and use the center of the ball and an angle R. Wink
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R. Wink

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