counterbore wizard on curved surface?

I have a curved surface that I would like to insert counterbored holes using
the hole wizard. I set up a plane tangent to the surface, put points on the
plane but the wizard says "points to locate holes are not constrained."
I've dimensioned the points but that didn't help. Any suggestions?
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Try doing small spotfaces at the location of each hole, e.g., c'bore dia x .010 deep. Then put the hole wizard point on the c'bore and make it concentric. It will work that way. We used to do it all the time.
Bruce B.
dlevy wrote:
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Bruce Bretschneider
Are these radial holes on a round surface? The hole wizard will be in a radial hole where you click on a round surface with out a plane. You can also use cut-revolves with a centerline not on the radial.
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