Re: Major 2008 Bug

Never mind. Someone pointed out a check box in the mass properties dialog
box as the root of this.
This one is a doozy.
> I started with an existing part to make a new part template. Under File /
> Properties I have set: the properties for Description, Material &
> Weight.for use in filling in this data in my drawings. It just so happens
> this original part was 6061 aluminum. I deleted the part extrusion and
> sketch, leaving me with a blank page, and then saved it as a new part
> template. As a followup, I did a test part with the new template.
> Regardless of material chosen or part dimensions, the mass tool says my
> part weighs 5.3 pounds, which was the weight of the originaal part. The
> File /
Properties menu on the new test part says it's referencing the new
> test part for it's mass data yet will not display the correct weight of > the part.
> Nice!
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