RealView graphics?

Is there a way to create your own material properties and use them with RealView? I noticed RealView pulls its files from the Solidworks/Shaders file folder but the actual images are dds files along with some supporting dll files.

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yes go to nvidias website and look up their cgi sdk i think its real time shading or something like that

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I have used this in large assemblies and found that it can cause a significant performance hit.

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Hi Jerry -

I hope that you don't feel like I'm hijacking your thread, but for anyone who uses realview and rendering:

Does having realview make rendering faster (PW add-on is installed & active)?

If you have realview active and do a screencapture animation, does it make it any better (faster)?

I know that these are some real noob questions, but I'm considering a computer upgrade and wondered if this helps one render better, particularly when doing the "interactive rendering".

Any advice from those who have "been there" appreciated.

Thanks folks,


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Sean-Michael Adams

Hello Sean-

PhotoWorks does not use RealView. You can edit the material in SolidWorks say as Stainless Steel, RealView enabled, but in PhotoWorks, you still have to assign a Material to the part. Very confusing, in my opinion. If you look at my website, Gallery, Page 2, you'll see all of my examples created using PhotoWorks, except one. That's the SMA brass connector. I used RealView and saved as a .jpg. I find PhotoWorks difficult to use, but it works, in the end, and the alternative replacement applications are expensive. Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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Devon T. Sowell

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