Save sldworks files as anything you want

I wrote this tool for Pete who wanted it to save a directory of
solidworks drawings out as jpegs. I made it more open ended so that
you can save any solidworks file as anything. Not sure if it will work
with save as proE and definitely won't work with save as detached
drawing. Other than that I think it works with any file type. and download SaveAsTool.swb
Short Description: Opens all solidworks files of specified type in a
directory. Each file is saved out under new format.
To use:
1. Launch SW Task Scheduler
2. Run Custom Task from left sidebar
3. Under macro file path specify the file you just downloaded
4. Under parameter names enter c:\temp, .slddrw, .jpg for example.
5. Run it. I assume you have a c:\temp directory to which I can write
a failure log to. Note that only solidworks documents are currently
supported. slddrw, sldprt, sldasm, drw, prt, asm.
If you run into any problems post them here. The error checking is
extremely basic so if it doesn't work you'll have to debug yourself.
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Can't locate task scheduler, where is this located in SW. Went to help in SW, and nothing comes up for task scheduler.
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