Ship in a bottle score

Just put together a new computer over the weekend.

AMD athlon 64 3400 (2) 512mb gig pc 3200 dims Gainward fx5950U 256mb (soft hacked into quatro) Maxtor 160GB SADA drive Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 mb windows XP sp1 SW2004 sp 2.1

I'm getting about 28 to 28.2 on 50 rebuilds. This thing is smokes! I've really been up a creak with the large imported assembly's I've been having to work on. Looks like this is solving the problem.


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Jay Guthrie
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Way too cool Jay! I think you have the new world's record now.

Thanks for sharing. Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

Damn it :)

- Eddy

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Eddy Hicks

LOL! 8^)


Eddy Hicks wrote:

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Paul Salvador

I've been doing some hardware testing myself (see "benchmark results") My computer is pretty close to the one you are testing too.

Where can I get the ship in a bottle file from?

Thanks, Bob

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Go to:

formatting link

If can keep from being distracted by all the cool stuff, look for "VBA in an equation.

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Dale Dunn

One thing I should warn people about is the graphic card. I don't think guy the who wrote the patch for the soft quatro is doing much updating on it for the newer fx boards. I don't have real view working and it still half thinks it' a fx board. But it seems real fast and I'm not getting the multiple window lockup with the patch installed. This board was not usable at all without it. I think Nvidia's protection is getting better on the newer boards and drivers.

When I have time, I'll experiment more.


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Jay Guthrie

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