sketch relations issue

My solidworks crashed to the desktop yesterday afternoon after trying
to insert a feature pallete feature... when i went back into
solidworks, my sketch relation box refuses to open up, so i have to
manually (right-click) and place my relationships... I thought that it
might be a corrupt part that may be making solidworks act funny but i
have started new parts and it still wont open up when i select
objects... Does any one know of a fix, a switch i gotta flip, or
something to get this to come back on? if so, please let me know...
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This is likely a registry glitch. I you know how to use regedit then try the following:
Backup this key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2006
and then delete it and reboot. This should rebuild the registry folder you deleted and fix the problem.
Use regedit.
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I had something similar a year ago, nothing helped until i restarted and did a harddisk scan and repair. windows found the corrupt files and repaired them. in sw the files were ok after that.
good luck.
"Jeff" schreef in bericht news:
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thanks guys... i finally heard back from my VAR and sent them a RX file... I had them stumped :) i will try those things and see what i get...
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If you select your two entities, and then click on the middle tab in the tree, does the box show then? If so, then check your setting in Tools/Options/General/Auto-show PropertyManager.
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