Solidworks 2007 and Vista

I'll second that. SWX2008 + Vista Ultimate are faster overall.
With SWX2008 loaded with a small file open I'm using about 1.1G of physical memory.
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Did these other people manage to get the service packs to install with Solidworks 2007, ( not Vista)?
I have looked at previous posts and I can see no mention of them being tried or tested.
As you stated things change, that is why I took the time to test Solidworks 2007 with Vista and the Dell.
Also this test was not done a year a go, but two weeks ago.
Quote 1, "You will be using software OpenGL = slow, even if you get a driver working, it is still not very good."
May work for other people, again I have not seen any other posts, stating that there were no issues were found.
Quote 2, "You can NOT install service packs as Vista is not recognized by the Solidworks windows installer."
Again, no posts mentioning that they, were able to install service packs.
The original question was on Solidworks 2007, not 2007 Vista, so I can not see why people would have an issue with my remarks.
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Thank you for your input.
I was going to wait also, but now someone with some intelligence has contributed their findings, I shall try Solidworks 2008 in on a new vista business system.
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Dell doesn't support Vista on the M70. They don't even supply a video driver for it. Vista might install on the system, but performance won't be good. I wouldn't recommend running SW Vista on the M70.
The newer M65, M90, M4300 and M6300 notebooks all have Vista drivers that are in the process of being tested by SolidWorks Corp.
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Back to the original question...SolidWorks 2007 Vista Version is Prerelease only and will never be fully supported. If you must stick with SW2007, stick with XP.
You can get the HP 8510w and 8710w mobile workstations configured with WinXP 64 and have full support for 4GB RAM. (Max RAM supported on any notebook.)
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Thanks Jim, for the info.
Performance is quite good on the M70, with all the Vista bells, turned off. I got the graphics working by using Forceware drivers, though not great, I must admit, even though It managed to get "Realview" working.
It was an old machine that was laying around, so I thought I would give it a go.
No loss to myself, but a few points were proved about Solidworks 2007 and Vista.
No, the Solidworks 2008 and Vista business test, is on a the new machine, using an AMD am2 x2 5000, with 8 GB ram and an Nvidia fx3400. This coupled with a Seasonic M12 600w psu and a Asus M2 Crosshair motherboard. Yes I know the Crossshair is a gaming mobo, but again, if is left laying around, it gets used, lol.
Sometimes I love my job, !!!! quick get a medic!
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Solidorks 2007 for vista beta never had a SP as far ask I know.
Why would anyone (a drunk asshole or not) want to use the version of SolidWorks 2007 which was not meant to be run on Vista on vista? I never made this installation, so I never installed service packs. I'm not an idiot.
You;d have to be a stupid drunk asshole to install non-vista SW on vista. When there are other versions of the software intended for Vista. Wrench-hammer.
Drunk wears off.
Stupid is forever.
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Read my post,
solidworks will run under
your reply,
They don't have
Why would anyone (a drunk asshole or not) want to use the version of
Hmm, how are you using it that way, if you have never made this installation??
People try to use drivers and software on a new operating system to see if something works. Many people have had to buy new printers etc..., because there are no drivers for Vista. On the other hand people have found a way to get their printers working under Vista, with drivers not made for their printer.
Played with Linux yet?
Now there's a operating system that needs a lot of people to test things. Great software btw.
People like you never try to improve things, just because someone says, "it can't be done", doesn't mean it can't, just that they haven't found a way yet.
You are a joke!, no really!, you are!
You have totally misread my post and are tripping yourself up in the process.
STAY off the alcohol, it's screwing you senses, damm.......... too late!
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Daisy and Wonderman,
If you guys have some time... could you (or anyone) do us a favor and run a test to show that SW2008 on Vista is faster than SW2007 on XP? Since Anna chimed in here,.. can you use her "PunchHolder" file as the bench mark?
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What I'd like to ask specifically is,.. (get our your "stopwatch") and give us the total time from a ctrl-q to when you have full access to the model (when you can edit the model). (please,.. do NOT to give us the Feature Statistic numbers, just the total time from ctrl-q to when SW releases the data for you to edit!)
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Oh, btw, to insure more accuracy, or before you do the two test, make sure you open the original file in "both" SW2007 (XP) and SW2008 (Vista),.. do a ctrl-q, save as, "to another file name" (i.e., SW07XP and SW08Vista), close SW and reopen the new saved file and then do your test.
.. 8^)
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In this case, I gleaned a lot of helpful information - even if it wasn't specifically in answer to your question.
There has been a lot of misinformation about SolidWorks on Vista floating around. People's experiences with the prerelease SW2007 software was less than stellar. It's good to hear positive reports about SW2008 on Vista.
Sure wish they'd at least run as a 32-bit app on Vista-64, though.
My recommendations for customers:
If SW2007, stick with XP if possible. If SW2008. Large datasets will still require XP-64. For others, Vista/XP is about equal - as long as the hardware is up to snuff. Supposedly, Vista-32 makes better use of the 4th gig or RAM, so
While the Quadro FX550/560 cards are fine for XP, but right now I'd strongly recommend at least an FX 1500 for Vista. The next generation Quadro cards should be much better for Vista. I'd expect the FX 570 to be a good entry level card and the FX 1700 good for all but the most extreme users.
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