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I am looking for some training book on SolidWorks And I am wondering what books would be good for me. I would say that I am a beginner to intermeadite user, I have taken the essentials parts and assembly and the drawing course for SW 03 from my VAR. I am planing on taking the Advance trainning for part and assembilies as well. I am looking at other book that will help me even more. I would like to increass my producitive using SW. I've seen some of the book on and I am just wondering if they are to basic? Or are they quite indepth?

Thanks Nathan

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Nathan Feculak
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The book by Sham Tickroo is pretty good. He touches on things that aren't gone over in Adv. Parts. However, the advanced parts class is far supererior, in my opinion.


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I am reviewing some SW training books that seem to be quite good. They are made by David & Marie Planchard. SDC publications.

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They are in a school book format meaning there are easy to use lessons with a page of questions ever so often. It has simple to complex subjects. They come with CD's with lesson files. They are 8.5" x 11" in size and hundreds of pages (512 for the first one listed below.)

Here is a sample of the different books they have:

Assembly Modeling with SolidWorks Engineering & Computer Graphics using SolidWorks Engineering Design with SolidWorks Inside SolidWorks 2003 Publisher: Thompson/Delmar Learning SolidWorks Tutorial Automating SolidWorks using Macros Drawing and Detailing with SolidWorks

They are all about $60.00 or so. That's cheap for the wealth of info they have in them.

I hope this helps,

Dan Bovinich

P.S. I have seen Marie Planchard post on this newsgroup.

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