SW features & functionality you would like to see dumped

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we often complain about lack of functionality and missing features within SW. But in my opinion there are also so many useless features and functionality with unpredictable results that are kept and carried on from release to release.

What is your top 10 list of useless features that SW Corp. should dump?

Here is my "most useless" ranking, but I am shure you´ll have a lot more ;-)


- Spellcheck & Windows Desktop Search -> wtf, I´m not a writer?

- Screen Capture -> why not use existing OS functionality

- Freeform Feature -> did you ever manage to get a predictable result with smooth surfaces that could be used for injection molding parts?

- Flex Feature -> did you ever manage to get a predictable result with smooth surfaces that could be used for injection molding parts?

- Wrap Feature -> why an extra feature, it´s easy without

- Lofted Surface vs. Boundary Surface vs. Filled Surface -> why not one tool for all

- Edit Textures (not Edit Colours, Edit Material) -> it´s a mess, why not integrate into real view or pw textures or elsewhere?

- Task Pane with all those gadgets mms feeds, newsticker, etc

- PhotoWorks Studio & Render Wizard ??? -> all these presets produce only crab

- all this obsolete functionality to satisfy former autodesk users (2d to 3D, command line emulator, not to forget the freaky DWG Editor, etc.)

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I haven't used this, but I can imagine some people who could get just what they want with it. On the other hand you know more about it than I do.

I wouldn't use it to design a part itself, but it is useful for getting an idea about how a part would look in a deformed position.

It is not all that easy. But it does bother me that we have Split Line, which will do a single contour on multiple faces, and Wrap, which will do multiple contours on a single face, but no tool that will do multiple contours on multiple faces. Wrap is also useful for wrapping contours around cylindrical and conical faces.

Fill is good for n-sided surfaces, where n is not four. I find myself using Boundary surfaces more and more now, but I suspect that someone will point out places where Lofts are still preferred. The user interface for a single tool might get too painful.

I must admit that I find textures, colors and materials to be a real snake pit. Changing these was never the greatest, but it has plumbed new depths with 2008.

Again, PW never had what I would consider to be a very good interface and I was constantly swearing at it. It improved some over time, but it may be regressing now.

Jerry Steiger

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Jerry Steiger

My list of useless Solid Works stuff.

Now first I must admit, I like using Solidworks. Call me a fanboy or whatever I don't really care. Solidworks is the tool that I use daily to make my living. If you don't like your tools you should probably get a new job. Now, that being said, there is SOOOOOOO much "fluff" that Solidworks corp. seems to continually add to each release. I want a professional mode that stips all the fluff and rocks out. I don't think that will happen though. So here we go.

  1. Pretty pictures when you start Solidworks. I mean really. I don't need to see pictures of things people have designed. Whoopie. Although it is nice to have something to look at while you wait FOREVER for the program to freaking start.

  1. 4 billion places to change colors. OK well that was an exageration but I'm not sure I could sit here and name every place you can go and change colors. I like coloring my models because it is very helpful to be able to talk about the blue peice or red part etc. during design reviews.

  2. Shadows........... gay that should be a part of Photoworks.

  1. Realview........... Real Gay. The sales pitch for us was always that realview wouldn't effect performance. Yeah. This should be an add in

  2. Textures, more performance issues.

  1. Zebra stripes. Does anyone use this? Didn't think so.

  2. Background images, I don't even have a comment for this sillyness.

  1. The new creeping display state section that takes over my configurations tab. Mine seems to creep up on its own. Love that

  2. Deform, good for nothing except selling Solidworks, and I think anyone of any merit can see through that crap.

  1. Failed to save document. I can really do without that feature. Wait is that a feature? Ah either way FIX IT.

There that's my list.


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Jon, please get off this thread, everybody already knows what you have to contribute to this (every) topic.

tanx jojo

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Usefull for the not_so_good_at_designing_curvy_stuff. Went ignoring a discontinutity once, and was thankfull that the part and textured paint on it.

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Jean Marc

I do, they are an easy an quick way to see surface discontinuities

Useful for tracing hand drawn sketches.

my droplist:

1- the SW2008 "lightsaber" interface effect. 2- the attachment folder in the history tree, expecially in .doc format. Useless, and if you really really need that, just make a .txt 3- the geometry check when you import 3d files. It just waste time, and is no good 4- the Mirror feature. It doesn't work, it never worked, it won't work. Just misleading. 5- screen capture: why not use keyboard or 'print to'?
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I found something real bad about desktop search. Let's say you have an attachment to an email with a worm in it. If you just leave it alone there will be no harm done. Desktop search will tickle it enough to set off the virus checker. That really can't be good.


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