using same parts in different assemblies

Sorry to ask so many questions. I'm a beginner and want to learn as much as
In a new assembly I want to use and modify a part that is part of another
assembly. How do I go about inserting this part, modifying it in the new
assembly without it changing in the original assembly? In other words how do
i create an unlinked copy of a part that i can modify without changing the
original part.
I hope I'm being clear,
Thank You.
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Just create a copy of the file and insert the copy into the new assembly. If you want to be able to open both assemblies at once, the copy will need a different name, not justa different location. If you want to copy a drawing of the part as well, use SolidWorks Explorer or file/ find references to make a copy of the drawing and its referenced documents (the part).
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Dale Dunn
If the part in the new assembly always needs to be like the one in the original assembly, just with some modifications, I would create a new part and insert the original part as a base part to start from, then make your modifications. This way, any changes to the original part will propagate down to the part in the new assembly.
If the part in the new assembly does not need to be associated with any changes made to the one in the original assembly, I would simple make a copy of it with a new filename and make your changes from there.
If you think about it, if the part is modified in the new assembly, then it is NOT the SAME part, and should not be treated as such. It should be a totally different part file using either of the 2 methods above. I use both of these methods quite often.
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Seth Renigar
A third option to both of the others is to make the new application use the same part file - just another configuration. That way it's still the same file, still has the same features, etc. If this is a common reference file, this method might make sense, rather than propagating files.
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Wayne Tiffany
Create a new configuration of the part, insert into assy, (with the new config active), modify new config as necessary.
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"Seth Renigar" wrote in news:KDx9d.19084$
Would a derived part do in this case?
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I am not sure. I have never really used derived parts. Though I really should investigate them.
Derived parts look very powerful and useful for me in my industry. However I need to give them a lot of thought as to how to apply them appropriately. I can foresee major problems if they are not used without a good initial "plan of attack".
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Seth Renigar

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