vb.net problems modeldoc2 com+ object & modeldoc2class object

i have a problem referencing to an modeldoc2.
i've been programming the sw api for a while now and my whole system
worked perfectly but now i got a problem that the instance of an
object is not set.
normally i connect to solidworks via getobject and then i connect to
the model loaded:
dim mymodel as sldworks.modeldoc2=swreference.activedoc
this normally results in a mymodel modeldoc2 com+ object, but now the
strange thing happend that i only get a modeldoc2class object, this
class object is not compatible with the com+ object.
any one had the same problem? how did u solve it?
Niek Maarse
Please email me .
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Niek Maarse
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It is not that no-one read your message with the intention of helping, just that no-one knew the answer. Thankyou for posting it for all to see/remember when they have the same problem.
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Tracey Parker

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