Why no NURBS in SW

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havent laughed so much in ages. regards Ken
> > > >>You're beginning to sound more and more like your bud jb > > > >A SolidWorks newsgroup filled with more people with actual > >machining experience who know what tools they really need to > >get the job done quickly and efficiently ??? > > FREE Clue: SolidWorks is not a CAM program for MDI machine operators. > > Clue #2: jb actually does little to no programming anyway, not > even being able to do simple 2D trig. Much less any 3D CAM > programming. > > Clue #3: I don't think he's even allowed near GREEN buttons. > > >More Industrial Designers who actually know what tools they > >need to have in SolidWorks ??? > > Like the ones that actually use it? Much unlike yourself, useless troll? > > >Perish the thought ! > > > >Horrors and scary monsters ! > > Mirror, mirror ... > > >Yikes ! > > Seen the latest ads for product announcements for intended demos > for 2007 yet? > > BTW, Like the slightly updated
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Ken Carpente
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cheers mark
you seem to have summed up most of my questions in a concise informative manner nice to know there are people you can fall back on when you dont know the answers yourself
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