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Funny, when I post something similar to this I get attacked by Mr. Newton who calls me crybaby and censor. :-) And Curt-ass is so fired up by now that he is happily having conversations with himself using all those names he created. I checked the headers and found at least 3 names pointing back to him. I did contact google-groups but they were not much help (as they don't consider his posts SPAM). Too bad...
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Peter W.
40tude Dialog (free/shareware) Quite capable and flexible.
formatting link

I use Thunderbird for e-mail, Firefox for browser, Dialog for newsreading, Smart FTP for FTP, and AShampoo Burning Studio 6 for CD/DVD burning. And Paradox for database application development.
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Steve Caple
I've been using Agent for several years now. I tried the free version and then bought the upgrade for the e-mail features. Very easy to set up Kill Files for both e-mail and newsgroups. And it takes about 5 seconds to munge your return address to foil harvest bots. All in all, I highly recommend it.
Franz T>
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Franz T
What is it with you model railroaders?
Maybe you all /are/ little boys who never grew up and can't find adult solutions to your little 'problem'.
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CovvTseTung whipped this out:
An article is not "spam" unless it appears 20+ times, either by crossposting or multiposting or some combination thereof.
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Cancel messages are actually very, very easy to send from some mail clients. Also very easy to figure out how to do, but I'm not going to describe it here because there's no telling what the local idiot here would start doing (email me via my web site if you wish).
There is also the very real issue that many, many news servers no longer honour cancel messages. We have a regional group where I live that has had a number of lunatic trolls like speeddemon curt and also a large number of off topic for sale posts that violate the group charter. The local university which for many years (80s, early 90s) was the main if not the only carrier of this group serves as a "sort of" moderator and cancels all posts from certain users. For a long time, this worked just fine, but round about 2000, a lot of ISPs simply stopped applying cancel messages. Now, in the aforementioned local group, depending on the ISP, some participants thankfully no longer see the offending posts, while other poor souls still do and carry on responding. Again, the university admin has some means of easily sending cancel messages and often kills whole threads.
In any event, the chicken little event *is* occurring, albeit slowly, and it is evidenced by major ISPs dropping usenet altogether. The above mentioned university admin, who's been involved with internet policy and set up since the late 70s or early 80s tells me a part of the tendancy has to do with users getting into major trouble and ISPs being flooded with complaints and even suits. So morons like this Curt do have effects. It's felt that moderated web forums can be better controlled, ie, the responsibility of the user who puts it together.
Very sad, in my opinion, as usenet was for many years a wonderful tool and communication medium and still is.
But what is unfortunate in this group is that there are so many people who just can't ignore him. This makes kill files ineffective. I would guess that 75% of the posts I've read here since I began lurking for information for my armoured Polish train project is directly related to one person's trolling and his "flock" of respondants who just don't understand that posters of his sort thrive on negative attention.
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Tim Marshall
malscribe pinched out a steaming pile of:
You know what my favorite thing is about model railroads? Its not the trains...its the tiny trees and buildings!
THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!111!!!!
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No kiddin'.
I wouldn't, but it's a fact that many of the old timers here have chosen to no longer contribute because of the loser mentality displayed by the current crop of posters. The turning point was 9/11. The political discussion after that, and the rationale displayed by these political losers that are still with us today, was that "there are more important things in life then model railroading" (true enough) "I want to talk about world politcs here" (that's not appropriate and never has been) "and you can't stop me" (immaturity at it's best).
Um, yeah. That's what I said.
There's no such thing as true free speech on the internet and never has been. You have as much free speech on here as your ISP allows, and that's the truth. That's what I said that r.m.r is "as-close-to free speech" as one can get on the internet.
The only problem is that the Trolls keep inventing new identities, and the losers who respond to them have actually made good RR posts in the past...so if I killfile them, I might miss out on something good. But it's getting to the point where they are more noise then signal...
Paul A Cutler III Deputy Sheriff, r.m.r ************ Weather Or No Go New Haven ************
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Pac Man
§ñühw¤£f whipped this out:
I liked model railroads -- when I was about 8 years old. Beyond that age, playing with toys trains is somewhere between pathetic and hilarious.
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I feel your pain, Howard. I've considered doing the same myself, which is quite unfortunate. I only read 3 groups on Usenet, but on this one and one of the other two the S/N ratio has become so bad that they are barely worth reading. I keep hanging in there and hoping for things to improve, and I try to set my own example by just ignoring the trolls and skipping the flame wars, but sometimes it hardly seems worth the trouble to download the latest batch of messages.
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Rick Jones
I've just added several posters to my killfile Rick and already the newsgroup looks a lot better, I am aware that I mite have also killfiled some posters that did contribute to this NG but they continue to reply to trolls and therefore I still saw the trollposts.
Greetz Jan
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am using the free version of SPAMfighter for private users. It has removed 1169 spam emails to date. Paying users do not have this message in their emails. Try SPAMfighter for free now!
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Jan(Bouli)Van Gerwen
On Thu, 1 Mar 2007 15:30:12 +0100, I said, "Pick a card, any card" and "Jan\(Bouli\)Van Gerwen" instead replied:
I, and I'm sure others, can appreciate your frustration over this matter but when you do what you did here, you give support to those trolls. Their only goal is to disrupt a newsgroup and shut it down if they can. To them, that's fun. They aren't the least bit interested in building anything, much less a miniature railroad empire. All they want to do is destroy. Your statement gives them another notch in their hammer.
Your newsreader can kill either by author or thread topic. Why not simply avoid the threads you see that have been usurped by the idiots instead of killing those who reply to the trolls? After all, some of the trolls have been getting rather personal in their attacks. Who can really blame some of the respondents? I have been around Usenet long enough to resist the temptation to reply to a troll unless I do it for some humorous purpose.
I've seen folk here leaving the newsgroup in disgust, declaring that they have huge kill files and basically contributing never ending posts like this where you declare yourself above the fray but are actually smack-dab in the middle of it. All of these things grant victory to the very trolls you wish to defeat. Every time you and others react to them like this, they're doing virtual "high fives."
The only answer to trolls is silence to their taunts. No reply at all is the poison that will send them to another newsgroup. There are three real trolls at work here. Let them argue among themselves without an audience and see how fast they move on. We'll "high five" about their leaving later. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
In article , =A7=F1=FChw=A4=A3f says...=20
You're going to look awfully 'furry' when the Demos implode=20 again and leave the field to us in '08.
"Tis an ill wind that blows no minds" ...PK
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CovvTseTung pinched out a steaming pile of:
HA! You think McCain will win? Rudy is no great shakes either.
Now John Edwards...that guy is got what it takes to pull 'merica back from being Most Hated nation...
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