Film left on diesel after stripping the paint

I stripped the paint of a Bachman fp40 diesel by first soaking it in
brake fluid and removing most of the paint, then soakong it in isopropyl
alchohol and removing the rest of the paint. There is a white film all
over the body and I can't strip it off. I've used this method before on
another bachman fp40 with no film. Anyone have this happen to them and
what did you do to correct the problem. Thanks
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I suspect that what you are seeing is frosted plastic surface. I had similar experiences when stripping certain shells.
The brake fluid probably started attacking the plastic just enough to make it frosty looking. Alcohol washed the brake fluid away. When it dried, it looks frosty.
You should be able to re-paint it as-is.
Also, there are many better strippers than brake fluid. There were bunch of threads about paint stripping on rec.models.scale - search it for some good info.
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Peter W.
Thanks for the help
Billm wrote:
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I agree you etched the surface a bit - hit it with a light coat of primer and you should be OK.
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Greg Forestieri

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