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Dear Friends,

Please note that the above comment was made by a person who....

....thinks that Bombay Sapphire gin is a great drink, even though most of us use it as track cleaner.

....thinks that trips to Rockmart, Georgia, and Moosic, Pennsylvania will be the high points of his summer.

....thinks that if he mows the grass mat, his layout will look better.

....thinks that a shrimp po' boy with mayonnaise is the height of "haute cusine."

....thinks that diesel engines make better steam than coal- or oil-fired engines.

....thinks that he has to retrain those little engineers in his locomotives each time he turns on his trains.

....thinks that those trees that he makes out of old toilet bowl brushes really look authentic.

....thinks that the next locomotive he'll buy is an 0-5-0.

....thinks that a Mikado is made by a Japanese company that also makes power tools.

....thinks that the more formal the occasion, the brighter the Hawaiian shirt should be.

And last, and most indicative of his present state of mind, he actually believes that Liz thinks he's sexy.

In truth, my friends, he used to be okay - until that unfortunate incident in the bayou involving someone named Catherine and an alligator. So please, bear with him.


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