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The following appeared on the EarlyRail Yahoo mailing list. I
thought it might be of wider interest so am posting it here.
The Industrial Railway Society, which is the largest
historic, english language, group devoted to the entitled
area, has decided to do two separate things that are of
use to all those with an interest in the logging, mining,
and industrial processing or manufacturing lines
found around the world.
They have put the index to the first 14 volumes of
the INDUSTRIAL RAILWAY RECORD on-line as a printout.
They also have decided to start placing the early copies
of all the out of print editions , as downloadable
printouts on line. They will not place later copies,
for which purchasable paper editions exist, on line.
While primarily, concerned with U.K., they have covered
the globe, over the years pursuing all the places that
'critters' (both great and small) have toiled. They
have produced notable books on industrial lines in many
countries. They are at: <
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This is a very commendable activity, for the indices,
that will eventually cover all volumes of the IRR,
will allow you to determine whether or not pertinent
material for you... is to be found at the
research library holding INDUSTRIAL RAILWAY RECORD
volumes , without going to that library, and rooting
through the catalogs.
Good-Luck, Peter Boylan
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