installing decoders

I'm in process of converting to DCC. I have allot of old Athearn
engines. If I hook up the old Athearn head lights up to the decoder will
it be to many amps for it?
and if I use led's do i have to put some sort of resister between them
and the decoder?
any help would be very much appreciated thanks :)
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E. T. Atkins
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E. T. Atkins spake thus:
Doubt it. Check the decoder's specs for output current for that circuit.
Yes, and it's "resistor".
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David Nebenzahl
No. It will work just fine. Yellow, white and blue wires. Blue is common to all lamps
Yes. If you replace the Athearn bulb with an LED you will be required to put a series resistor in the circuit. The typical LED you find at an electronics hobby store operates in the 1.5 - 3 volt range. There are others, but that is the most common range, and the one you are most likely to encounter. Calculating the value for a resistor in the circuit is not difficult and is based on the current requirement of the particular LED you choose. If you decide to go that route and need assistance, come back here with the details of the LED you choose and any of several regular posters to the group can lend a hand.
Miniatronics make a kit that has the LED and the proper resistor for use in a 12 volt circuit. The YelloGlow LEDs are the best looking IMO.
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