More South Shore photos and a caption 'competition'

As promised. I've uploaded the photos of our visitor to South Shore on
Wednesday 30th July.
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say he's an alien, some say he's human, but let's have a bit of
fun. Can you find a suitable caption for the visitor photo? Competition
open until late Monday 11 Aug. No prizes just the honour of having your
caption on the photo!
I've also uploaded other photos of Lynneton Yard
formatting link
some showing the wiring for the micro switches that control
the polarity of electrofrog points. These start at
formatting link

For an explanation of the rationale behind Lynneton Yard (and my under
construction loft layout) see the info at the South Shore site
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Mike Hughes
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" It was his own fault sitting too close to the air conditioner so we placed him next to the layout to provide a static display whilst he thawed out "
" He kept pondering the meaning of life, the universe and everything but even with the aid of his trusty calculator it still came to 42.3 "
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Dragon Heart

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