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anyone know how to add a caboose to a train?--I have downloaded all patches and cannot figure out how to do it or how to add cars to a train any help is appreciated

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First, I'd like to suggest a really good source of add-ons (free) as well as discussion forums that you will find any info on MSTS you will ever need. Go to:

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As for your add a caboose to a train you have to modify the consist (as terminology would have it in MSTS).

To do so, you have to open the Train Simulator Editors and Tools. It will bring up a screen with track work, and a small menu. Select the Activity Editor.

Once that one opens, then go to the upper left corner and select "new". That brings up a small selection box mid-screen, just click "OK" no matter what it says.

That, in turn, will bring up the buttons on the right side box. You will see something that says "Player Service". Click "New".

And that brings up yet another box on the left. (Whew!! It isn't easy!) Go to the middle, where it says "Consists" and click on the consist to which you desire to add the caboose. Instead of just editing it, click "Use as Template".

Uh oh, that brings up yet another box. In that box is where you're actually going to add the caboose to the consist -- there will be a list denoting "Electric Locomotives", "Steam Locomotives", "Diesel Locomotives", "Passenger Cars" and then "Freight Cars". Select (of course!) freight cars, then click on the caboose you wish to add. will need to alter the consist name slightly, otherwise using the modified consist could cause problems if it is already used in some pre-set activity. You do that in the boxes in the upper left of the consist editor, then close it with the "OK" button in the lower right.

Then....that box on the left side of the screen needs to be closed, do it with the "Cancel" button (otherwise it will beg you for a "Service Name" which isn't needed just to add a caboose).

Then close the Activity Editor by clicking the "X" in the upper right.

Sounds complicated, but after you do it a time or two, it's really simple. It's just that the MSTS Editors bring up a box for every move they make. And the pattern of selection of things isn't quite logical, at least to end users; maybe the programmers found it easy on themselves, I don't know.

If there's any other questions I can assist with, you can contact me directly via e-mail if you wish, but you need to remove one of the "h" in the return address to get through (and the spammers don't.)

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[Snip Microsoft's useless editing]

Perhaps, we hope, really hope, that MSTS II will be much easier, and more realist to play and edit than MSTS I

For instance, perhaps could make all locomotives as fast, and as powerful, in reverse as they are in forward?

What dummy thought that locomotives were like automobiles and trucks and don't go as fast, or are as powerful, in reverse as they are in forward? Something that wasn't even fixed in the ONLY patch Micro$oft ever issued for this terribly flawed waste of money.

-- Cheers Roger T.

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