New pics of my unusual GR layout/construction

I just posted some new pics of my backyard railroad project, beginning
with this one:
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You can click through the rest from there, or you can go here to view
the whole album:
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The first two shots are photos I had submitted to the annual photo
contest at Garden Railways magazine. They didn't win, so I'm posting
them now.
Next is a pic of our grand-daughters Shilo and Serenity playing with a
temporary layout on the patio. This was taken when they came to visit
back in June.
The next three pics show the entire In-ko-pah Railroad layout, from
east to west. I had to stand on a ladder next to the house to get these
shots. The east end is nearly complete except for the lower level and
of course the mines and buildings which will be added later. The
mid-section features a six-foot long, curved hillside trestle. The
upper and lower levels in the mid-section of the layout have not been
completed yet. Construction has just begun on the west end, starting
with a lower level tunnel.
The next photo is a closeup of the trestles and plate girder bridge
spanning the canyon in the east end of the layout. Next is a closeup of
the large curved trestle. For now, I'm using the standard sectional
track on the trestles, without catwalks, just to get things up and
running as quickly as possible. Eventually the trestles will get real
wooden ties, handlaid rails and catwalks.
The last two pics show the lower level tunnel on the west end under
construction. The walls of the tunnel are made of concrete bricks and
blocks. They will be topped with cast, reinforced concrete slabs. The
middle of the tunnel will be accessable via removable slabs which also
serve as part of the walkway on the upper level.
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Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
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History of N Scale:
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Super nice work Ray. Wish you all the best luck in the GR contest.
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