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For anyone interested in early steam here is a link to the prototype Richmond MA&PA #4 that the announced Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 is thought to be biased on.

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for me............I'm excited. It appears that with minor mods it could stand in well for a Schenectady. All I may need to do is convert the tender to oil and make a new cab to get a model that's perfect for my layout. I've had such good luck with Bachmann Spectrum locomotives I have no reason to think that this one won't be a good looking and decent running model. I don't know when they are to be available but I would imagine fall of 2006 would be a good guess. Anyone else have any information on these? Bruce

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Bruce Favinger
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Bruce, I have two of the HO-scale Bachmann Shay engines. Both are magnificent in every respect. Have you seen their HO-scale Climax? Is it equal in performance to their shay?

Thanks! Matt

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Matt, I don't have either the HO Shay or Climax locomotives. Everything I've heard about both is great. I have only seen the On30 Climax running. Very nice! I have a Spectrum 2-8-0, 4-8-2, 2-10-0, two 4-6-0s in HO, two 2-6-0s and 0-4-0 in On30. All are good models and run very well. Bruce

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Bruce Favinger

Thanks Bruce. BTW, what roadname(s) do you have for these Spectrum engines? Do you model strictly steam?

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Matt Brennan

Matt, The 2-10-0 is lettered for the Frisco and the 4-6-0s are lettered for the Texas Midland #108 and #150. The On30 2-6-0s are lettered for the CCSD&RG and the 0-4-0 Porters are just numbered 0 and -1. The 4-8-2 and 2-8-0 are un lettered. I do have some diesels. Two UP SD70ms, two AT&SF GP30s, an AT&SF CF7, one T&P SW8 and a D&RGW SW1500.

As far as layouts go mine have been strictly narrow gauge steam until I started building the HO standard gauge TM set around 1920. The only locomotives I have that will run on the TM are the two 4-6-0's and the

2-10-0. Everything else I either like for some reason, is of sentimental value or power to move freight cars around on the Timesaver.


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Bruce Favinger

On the BLI list recently, there was a thread on speculating what the next BLI steam loco should be. I said I wanted to see a nice 4-4-0 American. Didn't really matter who made it, but if it's a Spectrum, I'd go for one...


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Kennedy (no longer not on The Haggis!)

The Bachmann HO Shay is probably the very best HO Shay available. It's accurate (GC&E/Cass #5) and runs very well ... usually. I've seen a few that have minor problems (mostly in the drawbar or driveline), but that's NOT the norm. Best to test run the one you intend to buy, but otherwise, they're great.

The Climax is similar in all regards, but it hasn't been around as long so it's not quite as well understood.

Both are generally excellent, and far better than most brass Shays or Climaxes.

Dan Mitchell ============

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Daniel A. Mitchell

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