Spectrum DCC sound install

I have a Spectrum 'high boiler' 4-6-0. This is the 'painted/undec'
version. The tender is short with a coal bunker(appears to look a lot
like the 'Russian' 2-10-0 tender. Has anyone installed a Soundtraxx
decoder in one of these? I am thinking that the B2100LC may just fit in
this tender - anyone know if this tender is the same as 'Russian'?
Jim Bernier
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Jim Bernier
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Jim, The tender is the same as the Russian. I don't think you will have a problem with a DCC sound set up in the tender that comes with the high boiler 4-6-0. The low boiler's smaller older style tender might be a tight squeeze. I have not made the move to DCC yet so hopefully you will get a response from someone more knowledgeable in this area. You might take a look at Tony's Train Exchange.
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They have a more or less plug and play decoder /speaker set up for the Russian and I believe they also have them for the 4-6-0's. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger

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