Novice - HO Proto 2000 PA running problem

I recently purchased a new Proto 2000 PA, which probably had a lot of
shelf time. At first, it ran great. Now, after about 15 minutes
total running time, it runs for about 5 feet and then stops. If I
give it a little nudge, it runs for another 5 feet and stops, and so
on ... . The tracks are clean and other Proto locomotives, and other
makes, run fine over the same track using the same power pack set at
approximately the same voltage level. Is it possible that it needs a
cleaning and/or a lube job, or do I have a bigger problem? Any
help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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Byron Lane
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Odds are that the wiring system inside has some bad contacts. Open the loco and check all of the wiring system ofr problems. The biggest problem with any loco are points at which mechanical connections are used to transmit the electricty as it is possible to get some dirt between the connection parts.
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Bob May
I am not sure about the PAs but I had the same problem with Proto FA units. The problem was the rubber band (belt) that connects the drive train to the fan. I just removed that and away they went.
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Typically an N Ga loco will show this behavior - or not run at all - if it's been stored a long time. Take it apart and clean out the old lubricant. Fortunately, most N ga locos snap apart pretty easily.
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Wayne&Judy Carman
Thanks for the help. Using a continuity checker, I was able to isolate the problem to a broken wire under the boot on the negative side of the front truck. After rewiring, the thing runs great again. Thanks for the replies. Byron
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Byron Lane

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