O Scale vehicles ?

Does anyone know of a source for O scale vehicles. I'm looking for
trucks and cars in the 20's and 30's. Can use most anything if it's
not newer than the 30's.
Ken Day
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Ken Day
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There's a few out there in true 1:48 scale, Walther's has probably the best selection
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However, most modellers use 1:43 scale vehicles, which are available almost anywhere, even toy and discount stores, in numerous brands and price ranges.
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The old Renwal line from the 60's, some of which were reissued by Revell in the 70's. These are not too hard to find. Try Ebay. There was a Model T, Model A, Deuce, and bigger luxury cars like Deusenberg. Several others as well. The Renwal was in two issues, the yellow box in '66 and the white box about 5-6 years later. Revell did NOT re-issue the entire line.
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There is a store near where I live that sells all kinds of cast metal model vehicles. Many from overseas are 1:50 scale, which is close enough for me. You will have to look around. I have a 1930 Model A Ford roadster, a 40 Ford station wagon and a 50's era Chevy ice cream truck so far for my 50's era shortline.
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Ken [NY)
=>Does anyone know of a source for O scale vehicles. I'm looking for =>trucks and cars in the 20's and 30's. Can use most anything if it's =>not newer than the 30's. => =>Thanks => =>Ken Day
Corgi makes a 1:50 line, which should be close enough, many of which fit your time frame. NB: a lot of these are limited production runs, occasionally rerun. They're made for collectors, so they tend tyo be pricy, but they are very well done IMO. Go to a hobby shop/games/toy shop that has a good diecast section, and you should find lots that will suit you.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
This is British and original European O-scale, note that HO is half-O which is half this.
The early manufacturers like Dinky and Corgi set the standard. Incidentally Dinky was part of the Hornby empire going back to when Hornby made O-gauge trains.
Most model vehicle collectors aren't concerned with everything being the same scale unless they make diorama displays. They don't built layouts like ours to a uniform scale.
But today's Corgi and others only make their smaller vehicles in 1:43 scale.
Larger vehicles like trucks and buses are usually 1:50 which is a lot close to US 1:48 O-Scale. It's not really noticeable if the vehicles are behind the trains.
Revell made a 1:48 plastic kit of a pickup truck and motorcycle cop, which could be in the foreground, but this was from the 1950s not the 1930s.
Which brings me to a perennial moan: the vehicle manufacturers make the more high-end cars etc. A Corvette in the station parking lot is nice, but you need a dozen pick up trucks, "ordinary" cars etc.
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Christopher A. Lee
I believe On-Trak Models has a line of early vehicles in 1/48 scale. Several on line companies carry them - use Google on On-Trak.
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Steve Caple

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