Re: H0 - Spectrum 2-6-0 brocken cable in thender

Sorry for my small english
> I buy a Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0 (UP - Low Boiler)
> I will built in a DCC-Decoder
> I open the Tender and found the Place for the Decoder
> ok
> Decoder in, the Loco run, stop, run, stop, stop (shit)
> I found a red wire is broken at the solder-point in thender
> ??? Which solder point ???
> can any help whit a photo (jpg) or a layout
> Greetings from Germany
> --
> Gruß
> Jürgen (US-Modellbahner seit 1975 + DCC seit 1998)
Sorry, don't know the answer but it's an NMRA standard - check their
web-site (perhaps via the MIBA links.
Greg (De-Modellbahner seit 1959 + Digital seit 1995)
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"Gregory Procter" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:
Sorry, you not understand I have the wiring of the NMRA DCC Standards I search the complete wiring for the Spectrum 2-6-0 I can not see as which point the broken red wire to solder the loco runs analog
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Jürgen Pollak
Jurgen, The Bachmann site has a feature called "Ask the Bach man". Ask the question there and you will get an answer. I tried it once and within two or three days I received an answer to my question. It does work!
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