Rivarossi Berk duck waddle--update

I unscrewed the driver cover and I'm in the process of shimming 3 of
the 4 axles as you guys suggested to correct the sideplay (the driving
axle is much tighter because of the gears)
Also the traction tires are coming off--there's no grooves underneath
and the tire drivers look identical in diameter to the rest except
their surfaces are smooth not scored.
There was a ridiculous amount of sideplay. How did Rivarossi expect
this model to run correctly? I'm using fiber washers with notches cut
out so I can push them onto the axles--I don't want to tackle popping
drivers. Hopefully I won't have to correct the slop in the siderods
Thanks again for everyone's aid and encouragement. I always hated
rubber tires--they belong on cars not locomotives!
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