TRAINZ query. Has anyone had a go at doing the G&D ,or other classic scale layouts?

Along with my Garden 1.20.3 and indoor HO, I now have the Trainz bug. At first I thought it'd take away from my modelling, well I guess I'm on the pc instead of at the workbench.. but it's real cold outside. I've found that this program is proving a really good way of operating layouts before I start cutting timber and also for the possibilities of operating a "real" train (like from the inside of the cab) over some great layouts. Like the G&D for example. Does anyone know of any examples? I'd love to roll across the Great Divide !

I'm also designing the next stage of my HO layout and testing it for bugs with Trainz.

Meanwhile, back at the bench....



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Andrew H
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Andrew, what a super idea that is........ Just imagine having the "real" GD in your own home..........I cant sleep tonight Cheers Peter

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