TRAINZ versus MS Train Sim - Which is BEST?

But then my basic rule in computing is avoid MS wherever possible! -- Ant Creator of the Antshire Scenario
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Anthony Houghton
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I already did break open the pocketbook. Yes, those routes are a cut above the default routes, though I am a bit disappointed with Cajon Pass. The more I run it, the more I find it to be not so accurate as the real thing which I seem to visit every other week. (In all fairness, some things ARE very accurate, and other stuff is way out in left field. The creators of Cajon and Tehachapi [note spelling] did improve their talents with that Tehachapi route.
No, that was the issue of using the front coupler on locos. THAT was addressed in the patch.
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Steve Hoskins
They're no longer called "deadman switches," but "alerters" - at least in freight locomotives. When these go off, the engineer has to acknowledge them by pressing a switch or operating one of the controls. Otherwise, the alerter will apply the brakes.
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They are also called "alerters" in passenger locomotives.
The older "deadman" features were all too easy to negate by crewmen....I used to see fusees wedging them down, brake shows set atop the pedal, etc.
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Steve Hoskins

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