In Tumut, NSW, Australia we have a William Sellers & Co Philadelphia
50H turntable which I am trying/attempting to model for our layout.
Does anyone know of a web site that has details on the design
giving dimensions etc.
The unit is on a branch line that has not been operating since
1984 being 50ft the steam locomotives either had to be split the
tender off or they ran trains to fit with mismatched tender/loco.
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Peter Prewett
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Join this Yahoo group. Turntables have been discussed in the past. No cost.
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Soem years back there were a number of articles in AMRM giving drawings, photos and details of the NSWGR turntables, starting with the 50-footers.
There is a local manufacturer, whose name I can't recall at the moment, that makes cast brass sides/trusses for a Sellers 50-foot t/t. Tom's at West Ryde has these, so does Gary at the Model Railroad Craftsman at Blacktown.
You reckon? A 19 with a bogie tender will balance and turn on a 50' t/t, so will a 30T with a 6-wheel P class tender. Both classes with the tenders mentioned ran regularly to Tumut and were turned there. Are you perhaps thinking of the time that the ARHS ran a trip there in 1967 with two 30Ts with 50 class tenders? Splitting engins and tenders is not something engine crews would do on a regular basis, if it could be avoided.
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Mark Newton
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Gary says never heard of them:-( How is your recall after a good nights sleep? Thanks for suggestion. Peter
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Peter Prewett
Hello Peter,
The manufacturer is AM Models, and no they don't have a website. It is (if my memory serves me correctly) a model of the Seller's 60' turntable and consists of cast brass sides and centre only. You will have to scratch build the rest.
I am fairly confident that Tom's had them in stock quite some time ago (>12 months). If they don't have any, you could try Casula Hobbies.
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They do appear at larger rail exhibitions on trade stands from Aussie specialists too!
Another source of RTR (?) Australian turntables is Anton's Trains 02 9899 4484, although he generally caters for the larger sizes (75-90-105 footers) I think there was also a 60 footer available.
However, it doesn't sound like you are after the 60 footer.
Don't be too hasty though. I suggest you consider a 60' table instead of the 50' one. Although not protypically correct there is only 35mm difference in the length of these two tables. A 60 footer will be much more practical in operating modelling terms than a 50 footer.
Happy turning,
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John Proctor
Hi Peter,
AMRM has an article on NSW(G)R 50' steel turntables in Issue 118, February 1983 and NSW(G)R 60' cast iron turntables in Issue 126, June 1984 and 60' steel in Issue 33, August 1985. These article include line diagrams of the subject 'tables. Copies of these articles are available from SCR Publications.
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Some details of the turntable (basic) are at ttp://
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along with other NSW 'tables, and Tumut Station including track diagram and photos is at
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Maybe you could help update the site with any current photos and condition of the 'table.
You could always take a tape measure to the site and measure it up! After all your post infers that it still seems to be in existance.
As Mark has said in another post 30T class with 6 wheel tenders most commonly ran to Tumut (after they were converted). These did not require splitting to turn. These locos were normally allocated to steam depots that supplied locos for the Tumut trains.
Happy modelling,
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