What happened to the annual President's Choice trainset this year

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the PC trainset this year and it looks like they are still selling last years stock of the CNR 0-8-0 Yard Bull. Were they not that popular last year? Not as glamorous as the earlier ones, but a nice locomotive anyway. Philippe has one and it is often found lashed up with his mountain (CNR 6060) and the ore cars are nicely done.

Just curious if anyone knows.

Ian Mathers Yellowknife, NT

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Ian G. Mathers
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Seemingly, "Not this year". :-(

-- Cheers Roger T.

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of the Great Eastern Railway

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Roger T.

It's been mentioned several times on Canadian rail YahooGroups that there will not be any sets this year. As noted, the last years' set with the 0-8-0 are still around in many stores at their original price too. I don't think this has happened in the past, so their availability may have had something to do with no set for this year. I guess sometimes they win, sometimes they loose!

BB in Canada

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lose (pronounced looze)

loose (pronounced luce)

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Steve Caple



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The PC "insiders report" sent out this year stated specifically that there would not be a set this year.

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