Winfixer and other Problems at website

It appears people are supposedly having problems on my website, re the
download of a FREE model that is passworded and the accusations that a
program called Winfixer is connected to my site.
When I read the comments I was dismayed that the people concerned did
not contact me directly. Unlike some who hide behind false emails so
that they cannot be contacted, my email is available to all who wish to
contact me personally.
If the person who made such a public moan about the model file being
archived and passworded had contacted me directly and requested a pdf
copy of the model I'd have only be too happy to oblige.
The reason this and other models will be password protected is to avoid
who have in the past uploaded the 3D models on to their own sites. The
password protection was not intended to be a stumbling block for
Considering the time and effort I have put into this model I think
using a
password is a legitimate means of protecting my investment.
If you would like an un passworded pdf copy of the model, please be
free to
As to the second problem:
If you had concerns about any problems about the downloads from my site
then it would have only taken you a few moments to send me an email.
Up until now my website has never had any popups, nor has it ever been
reported to me that my website or downloads contain malware, spyware,
viruses or any other such things. If you are having problems it is
easier to contact the webmaster of the site and complain directly.
As for the program Winfixer, I have not heard of this, nor have I heard
any complaints from visitors of my site regarding this program.
The only thing I can think of regarding any problems may be from
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DC3D Cardmodeller
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DC3D Cardmodeller spake thus:
I don't understand: you're offering a free model here; why in the world would you see the need to "protect" it? I mean, either you're giving it away or you're not. If you are, then people are free to do what they wish with it, right? (Except use it for commercial gain, I suppose.) Otherwise, you ought to be selling it.
Besides, if I wanted to "pirate" it, I'd just ask you for that unpassworded copy of the file, right?
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David Nebenzahl
Quote: "Besides, if I wanted to "pirate" it, I'd just ask you for that unpassworded copy of the file, right?"
True, but at least I'd have a starting point for tracking the source of the illegal copies, right?
There are many many free things available on the Internet that require passwords, I never have a hassle with these. Once I download the file I include the password in the file name so if I ever have to unpack the file again the password for that file is there.
The download counter from is no longer being used in association with the card model files. It appears that when the download is clicked a popup from appears when closing the downloadcounter window.. If anybody has issues with that popup, please take that up with because I have no control over what that website does. Be assured however that the downloads from my website are virus scanned before uploaded. If you have further problems wirh downloads off my site please contact me.
Thank you Bob
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DC3D Cardmodeller
I haven't had a Winfixer problem after d/l the paper model, so dinna fash yersen. :-)
You're lucky you haven't heard of Winfixer. It's of several utilities infesting the 'net that either offer to actually do a "free scan" of your registry etc, identify all sorts of problems, and offer to fix them - for a fee. They do this repeatedly. All of them are frauds. Spybot etc remove them. I fear that some slime bucket will install one of these things as a rootkit. If you haven't heard of those, don't worry - you will. They nastier than "ordinary" malware and then some.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
Not really. Making an open copy of a password protected PDF file is much easier than people think.
E.g. if you're using MacOS X: 1. Open the file 2. Type in the password 3. Click print 4. Click save as PDF
That's it, now you've got a "new" PDF of the document without any limitations what so ever.
You could disable printing but what's the point? The only people who will find that stops them are the legitimate users (the pirates already know how to get around this kind of thing).
There are also lots of tools out there that simply ignore the "security" in the PDF file while working as well as many more that deliberately remove it. If the people you're giving the files to can view them then they can _always_ make an unprotected copy with a little effort.
Btw, I'm not advocating spreading around other people's files. I remove all the protection from every PDF I receive because I don't want to have to go looking for a password when viewing the document again in two years time.
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Tobin Richard

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